For twelve months, you and your team have full access to me...

Have you ever felt like it has taken you forever to make a simple decision, that impacted your ability to do your job or lead your team? 

Ever wanted an objective opinion on how your team is performing with someone trained to pin-point what the potential solution is to make them loving their job? 

Need someone who has had years of corporate experience to give you their thoughts on where you could make some adjustments to see massive results? 

You know you need to start taking action and being held accountable to what you need to get done in your business...

Hi, I'm Nicole and I am your solution... 

You're ready to go after your goals,

You have the passion for the business and wanting to take it to the next level,

You're just needing someone to help guide you.

In 12 months you and your team will feel accomplished, successful and fulfilled with what you were able to achieve in those 365 days.

You will not only have moved forward, leaps and bounds, but you will have the motivation and confidence to continue to keep taking action and setting the goals for your business that fire you up and make sense given your time, life, and plans! 

Remember back in school, when the teacher gave you a "gold star", or you got to pick from the "treasure chest" for doing something awesome?

Well, that is how you start to shine when coaching/consulting with me! I am that teacher (really a coach/consultant but you get the picture) that wants to help you achieve those gold stars! Together I consult with you to start collecting your stars and cultivating a workplace where everyone is on the same page to creating success in your organization!

It is all about working through whatever is keeping you and potentially your team from moving forward and also creating a plan for you to move forward at the same time! That's the brilliance of my coaching/consulting style, we continually work on the blocks, while still getting you to take action on things that you know aren't going to stop you and are align with the goals in your organizations plan! 

Is Coaching/Consulting for me though?

Do you want confidence in yourself and your organization to know that the goals and decisions you make are the right ones, no matter what?

Do you ever feel like no one is really listening to what you are saying (or not saying)? Feel the need for an outside perspective?

Are you ready to start taking action, but hesitant because you just do not know where to start or how to get there?

Friend, I totally get you!

I have been there...if you can relate to any of these questions, then you are probably ready from some a mixture of coaching and consulting!

Here's how my twelve month retainer package will work!

You schedule a call with me and we make sure we are that what you are needing is what I can provide your organization! If we are great, I send you the contract: 12 months of coaching and consulting for $1200 a month, and we go from there. 

If not, then we part ways and I hopefully can help you find your perfect fit! 

Once we agree this is the right decision for you and your organization, we will schedule a 90 minute session were we lay out everything you would like to work on & start identifying areas for improvement. We also will figure out what values you bring to the table.

 I’ll help you dig deep to discover what really matters to you, as well as what’s making you feel trapped.

We'll develop an action plan for you and start breaking down all the goals you have to meet and achieve your version of success! 

These goals will be reasonable, measurable and realistic for YOU and your organization based on the factors of your life and what you need to do to keep moving forward in everything you want to do!

Now it’s time to implement your. I will be there with you and your team every step of the way, to make sure everyone is feel confident and bought in to what you are doing. This will help keep you accountable & also give you the space to deal with issues that can come up as you move forward!

I’ll be your biggest fan and source of support!

Before working with Nicole, I was feeling majorly stuck and unable to make any progress in my business. After a quick chat with Nicole she helped me uncover some serious mental blocks and I immediately knew I needed to work with her some more! I appreciated Nicole’s gentle approach. She truly cared about what worked best for me. After our sessions together, I have felt much more confident and able to push forward with scary business goals.
— Holly Meyer >> Holly Meyer Design's

Here's what you get!

  • One 90 minute intensive
    • As discussed above, once we agree to work together, the first session will be a deep dive into what you would like to accomplish and we figure out what roadblocks you may currently be facing and a plan to get you taking action.
  • 12 months of me on retainer with your organization:
    • I will be the resource you are able to use and the coach for you and anyone else in your company who wants to be coached around any thing that may arise. I help bring an outside/out of the box perspective on what is going on in the organization and give direction and guidance on what you want to make happen in the course of the 12 months. I am a part of the team, but also can see what holes may need to be filled! 
  • Weekly check-in's:
    • While we will have formal sessions, I like to schedule quick check-in calls (or texts) to make sure you are supported and know that if anything is really getting in your way, you don't have to wait x amount of days for us to hash it out! 
  • Detailed session notes:
    • After each session, you will be given organized notes of your ideas, thoughts, opportunities, and wins from the previous week. You will also get a map of what goals you have come up with during the call and your steps to achieving it. 
  • VIP Email Access to Me:
    • I believe that the only way to make sure our coaching relationship is functional and forward moving is making sure you can get in-touch with me in between our formal sessions. Life happens and sometimes you may just need to ask a question right then and there and I encourage it! I am here to help you succeed and you will always have access to me during these 3 months! 
  • Gifts:
    • At the end of our time together, you will recieve a few sentimental gifts from me that documents just how far you have come to help you realize that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. You will have come into your own power and are shining brighter than ever in business, so it makes total sense that you recieve your own "constellation" in how much you have done in your journey.
  • ADD-ON In-person intensive ($600 + flight):
    • At the end of our time together, you can opt. to add on a half day in-person intensive where we dive into creating your plan for the next three months. I can either come to you, or you can come to Nashville, totally your choice. I never want to leave you hanging, so this is a great option to keep the momentum going, even after we have worked through everything! You can learn more by clicking here!

I’ve just found what was missing to succeed in my business! And this is HUGE! I had one business coaching session with Nicole Hoglund of Honestly Able, Small Biz + Confidence Coaching & it was incredible! Together we figured out what has been blocking me from success for two years of toiling day after day, knowing something was wrong, but not sure why I couldn’t get any traction in my business. Her methods are different than what I would expect of a business coach. It’s not just strategy. In just the one session, I got some perspective wow ah-ha’s and grounded practical action oriented direction. For the first time, someone walked with me through the chaos in my head to create a solid foundation for my business to stand on. I’m no longer second guessing myself and feel the energy, clarity and focus that I always had in my career as a TV producer, but never felt as an online entrepreneur. I’ve let out a huge sigh of relief because without those mental/emotional blocks I can finally listen to my inner knowing to do what it is that I am meant to do in this world. Thank you; I am so grateful Nicole Hoglund!!!
— Angeline Longshore >> Sensible Girlfriends Guide to Life

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