A Reflection on the Last 2 Months in Business

Since I re-branded and launched Honestly Able back at the end of March, I have received so much support and I cannot say how grateful I am for it. When you have a crazy idea to change careers, start your own business and launch, it all within a few months, sometimes I felt like I was not ready. In all honesty though I was and am ready to make my mark on the world as a small business and marketing coach. 

2 Month Reflection

Some may call this a "holy crap I am going to be 30 in July what have I done with my life" crisis but I have always had dreams I just didn't know how to take action on them until late last year. The reason for starting this was to help others achieve their own version of success in business by working with them to rework their limiting beliefs, assumptions, and demons so that they could start taking action. I am still learning but I think no matter how old or experienced we are, continuing to learn and grow our knowledge is what keeps us moving forward. 

So in the last two months, what have I been honestly able to do? Well here is a breakdown and a look at what is to come!

What I have been able to achieve:

Website launch: This was a labor of love since I decided to do it myself and even though it was hard work it is something I am really unbelievably proud of! Especially because it only took a month to create, of course I sat on it for a few weeks though tweaking and second guessing but who doesn't do that?! 

Networking and finding new business friends: This was a goal for me. I am not one to put myself out there in large groups. I did figure out though that my secret sauce for networking is to go to the smaller more intimate events and I can shine. Some events that I have attended that gave me all the feels were the Rising Tide Tuesday's Together in Nashville, Nashville AMA happy hour, and meeting up with a fellow northeastern for coffee! I love these types of events and can't wait to find more! 

Being published: When I started out, before the business even launched, I had a goal to be published in some prominent magazines or publications. I wanted to have one published a month after the launch and I was fortunate enough to have 3 awesome magazines accept my work and I hope that some more submissions pan out. You can read those articles below:

Belong Magazine

Sexy Spirit Mom

Badassery Magazine

Online e-speaker: I also had another goal of being a speaker at a live and online event. This was one of those goals where I figured it would be accomplished much later in the year but low and behold the lovely ladies who put on the digital refreshed retreat loved my submission and I can officially check online speaker off the list! I didn't realize how much I would love it and I am confident that by the end of the year there will be more of both online and live speaking events in my future! 

Meet my blogging goals and seeing results: This was a big one for me. I did not want to make myself crazy with blogging but I know how Important new and fresh content is for a website to be found and for a small business to see success. So I set my goal to one blog a week and have kept that goal since! Not having to worry about what to write and being proud of the blogs I put out have taken a lot of stress off of me and the best part is they are getting great exposure! 

Increased my social following and getting involved in communities: While I haven’t reached 1,000 yet, I still call my increase a win, plus it allows me to get involved more with the different communities online and that has been such a great experience. I am able to learn from all of these awesome small business owners who have been doing this longer than me, and I get creative inspiration from them too. If you have not joined a Facebook group that you have wanted to, I really suggest doing it because most of the time it is a great support system too.

What's to come:

Launching my free 5 day email challenge "from tested to rested": I know I have been promoting this for a little bit, but this email challenge has been a personal challenge for me. I do not like creating video’s of myself so of course the first challenge I would create had to be video oriented. It was such an experience for me and I am happy to say that when it launched on June 6th, the finished product is something I am super proud of! If you are interested there is still time to sign up, just click here!

Launching my first e-course!: I have been working on this behind the scenes for over a month now, but it is time to tell you all about this! It is tentatively scheduled to launch on June 13th. It is called “Taking Charge: Harnessing Your Time to Market Your Business Smarter”. It contains 7 modules with workbooks; guides, videos and presentation, all around helping you find your voice and how to market your business authentically through it. Keep checking or follow me on social for more information on when it does launch. This is for anyone just starting out in this crazy world of small business ownership, or if for anyone feeling stuck in how to market their business better.

Summer vacations: We work hard, so we can take breaks and I am so excited that for the first time in about 5 years I am able to take some time with my husband to go on vacation with my family and also some quick girls trips to the beach. We all deserve time to unwind which is why I am so excited for these summer vacations.

Atlanta training: So as many of you know, I am a marketing and small business coach. This summer and into fall I will be continuing to grow my skills through live trainings in Atlanta so that I can be the best coach for you! I am excited to learn more and also to get together with other coaches and see how they are growing their practices and skills too!

Speaker submissions: I have come to love speaking, it is one of those skills that I am just stepping into, but have a passion to do more speaking events in the future. So to be full transparent with you all, I am going to be taking the scary leap into submitting topics and sessions for some live conference later this year. This is exciting and while I know not every conference will be the right fit for me, the only way to triumph and get this goal going is to try!!

New service: 45 minute coffee talks – I am so excited to announce a new service. These 45 minute coffee talks are for anyone who just needs to let it all out in order to break through to the next level, but only have less than an hour to get it done. While we won’t be getting into all of the goodness that comes with the break the cycle and 3 month coaching packages, these are great for the busy entrepreneur who is looking for coaching but does not want to commit just yet to more! Check out more details here.

While there has been so much that has taken place already and a lot more to come, there are also the failures that happen with owning a small business and I do celebrate those too. They have helped me realize how to own my strengths even when I did not want to see them, what my value is, and how to say no when something just is not meshing with where I want to take my business. All of the failures have helped to make the wins possible and for that I am grateful to have the chance to fail and get back up again!

There are so many more ideas and collaborations I am hoping become a reality in the next year but I am doing my best to not overload myself either. Growing this business is going to be such an exciting venture as I get deeper into how I want my future to pan out, but for now I am humbled and excited I get to live out my dream and for all the opportunities that have happened and will happen soon!