Being comfortably uncomfortable with investing in yourself

Ya'll how many times have you wanted to buy that course, program, or thing for your business but just couldn't bring yourself to do it? I have been there with you, I am always thinking "is this too much, do I need this, or what can this do for me"... the list goes on. What I have realized though, is that in order to be open to receiving the clients I want, I also need to be open to being slightly uncomfortable with investing in myself and my business in order to keep it going. 

comfortably uncomfortable business investments

See we are all at a place where we are comfortable in living and growing our business. It is our safe zone and it is there to protect us. However when we want to grow but can't see to figure out why we are not, it may be because that safe zone is keeping us too safe. When we step into the uncomfortable (especially with money) it allows us to start breaking the bubble we may be in to see what is out there and what can work.. for us, no one else. Being comfortably uncomfortable in investing in ourselves and business is just that. 

We do not want to be so uncomfortable that we shut down and do nothing, that is paralysis by analysis and that is not good at all. What I am talking about though is opening ourselves up a little at a time to investing in ourselves and work it like a muscle. Here is a real life example from me:

I wasn't growing my network or client base and I was playing it safe. I always wanted to go to conferences but the money aspect of a high price tag seriously made me panic about "How many clients do I need to get in order to make myself break even?". Ya'll that is never what I want to think about when going to an event. Instead I started seeing events pop up that were more reasonable for me to go to but are still a bit uncomfortable because let's be honest, I am not making that much money... yet. So my first event, I paid less than a hundred dollars for and it felt good, the next I paid a few hundred & spoke, and the last I paid a little less than a thousand and there was NO anxiety around it because I already worked that muscle of being slightly uncomfortable with parting with the money before hand.

Now this is a personal journey for everyone. Money is a touchy subject in general and I do not want you to do anything that truly makes you feel so uncomfortable that you get that knot in your stomach while signing the check. So here are some guidelines on how to be comfortably uncomfortable when investing in yourself and business to help you grow...

Is it fear or intuition? - Asking yourself this question, whether out loud or internally, is a great way to gauge where your decision can lie. If it is fear, I would see if you can push past it and go for it, sometimes the anxiety is just because we are doing something new, and that is totally normal! If it is intuition though, that gut punch that is screaming at you "STOP, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200", I would listen to it and let it guide in. I have learned when I do not listen to this, it always leads me to regretting whatever I did later on.

What is stopping, whats the worst that can happen? - Asking yourself this is seriously like the best "tip" I can give you. What is the worst that can happen can really help you see if it is a good idea or a bad idea. The worst isn't always bad... Are you going to go bankrupt? Are you going to physically be harmed? Or are you just going to have to maybe work a few extra hours? When we disempower "the worst" the rest isn't always that scary.

Be impulsive only if it feels right for you -  This is probably the only time you will EVER hear me say this, but sometimes when it is comfortably uncomfortable, being impulsive can be help because we do not give ourselves that time to sit in the uncomfortable we just do it. It however has to feel right for you to do it. I can not stress this enough, but it has to be right for YOU, no one else. Do not let the countdown clocks and multiple emails sway your thoughts around it. You will now when its right to be impulsive because you are excited about it, you say it and was like YES YES YES I have to do this/have it and you feel like if you really did miss out, it will be regretted later on.

So, there you have it! Make a plan of what you are comfortable with parting and increase it a little bit, you have to be a little uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone when it comes it investing in yourself and it doesn’t always have to be tied to money it can be tied to an action. But it is making that commitment to yourself that you will invest in whatever way you feel comfortable and then push the boundaries. 

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