The 5 Best Productivity Tools to Help You Run Your Business

Before I started this business, I had the safety net of people giving me the work I needed to get done and the time frame it had to be done in. They provided the tools they used to keep on track and expectations were set. While this might be seen as productive, most of the time I was running around trying to get things done at the last minute because I had so much stuff going on. So being productive, like really productive wasn't a skill I had mastered yet.

Even though productivity can be such an overused jargon word, when you actually figure out how you can be the most productive it helps propel your business forward.

I realized that for me, I needed more structure than just a to-do list and myself in order to be productive. I needed to find the right times that I work best (another blog will be coming on this), but I needed the tools that would help create the structure I needed.

When we maximize the time we want to spend working on our business it can help us to see results faster, have more time for the other things we enjoy and also have time to use our creativity instead of feeling like we do not know what to do.

While we can use our own abilities to be productive, having tools that can either automate some of the work we do, or keep ourselves organized so we don't waste time looking can make a huge difference. 

Below are the five tools that I use in my business everyday to help keep me on track and now worrying about what needs to be done for my business, so I can have more time to coach others!

Trello - This tool has been an amazing resource to use to keep track of #allthethings. The drag and drop ease of use is a huge plus, plus you can customize your boards anyway you like. So if you know your brain likes to see things in a particular way, you can totally create that vision in Trello and just copy what you need, instead of having to re-create it. It is work up-front but once its set up, it is so much easy than having to find the pad you used to write down your list of things! 

Acuity Scheduling - Who likes to manually schedule their meetings? I know I do not, which is why, even before I launched I purchased the smallest plan with acuity scheduling app. This made my life so much easier because when I did open the doors, I did not have to worry about who I was working with on what day or if they even scheduled! They just go to the link, schedule the time that works for them and BAM, new client taken care of! I even use this to schedule our podcast guests! 

Sidekick/Streak - These are apps that you can download and integrate with your email. They let you create templates or canned responses so you do not have to write the same thing over again. They let you schedule emails out, so you don't have to have a bajillion drafts open and sidekick lets you see who has opened the email after it is sent, how cool! These app's have just saved me time, even though there was a bit of up-front work, it is a life-saver not having to remember what I sent to x client and now need to send to y client! 

Notes - I feel like this one is underused and sort of the like red-headed step child of Apple app's, but the notes feature, especially on my iPhone and iPad have come in handy so many times, especially because it works on my computer when the Internet is down! We all need an app that can work when our wifi just isn't working with us! Also, for those of you who are like me and sometimes just need to talk out your blog posts, the dedication part of Notes is really helpfully, it also sync's seamlessly to my computers so I don't have to then copy and paste it into an email! 

Zoom - This one was introduced to me when we started the podcast and I can say, it is AMAZING. Being able to record our video call's and then have the audio and video exported separately is like heaven. The quality is great as well and there even is a free version, granted there are limitations to it. This has saved me time because I do not have to then figure out how to just export the sound out of the video, it is already done for me and I can move on to editing and sending the audio!  

Also a bonus app that I just need to tell you to help you really stay productive and automate all of these things is Zapier, they help you create connections called zaps, between applications to really make sure you do not have to do everything yourself! 

Well there you have it my 5 +1 productivity apps that have helped me save time (and my sanity some days) as I continue to grow this business. I would love to know what app's you use to stay productive, so comment below and let's start this conversation!

If you are having some trouble staying productive but know that you need to, in order to get your bottom line growing, let's chat! Sometimes you may need a bit of coaching around what may be blocking you from really being as productive as you know you can be (trust me I have been there)!