My First Ever Cyber Monday Deal!

Ya'll I am so excited for today! I have loved watching all the small businesses grow and profit over the past few days of sales and Shop Small movements, but I waited until today to give you my "real" deal as it seemed fitting. I am a completely virtual business, which means all of what I do is done online, and while I love giving to others on shop small Saturday, today is the day I feel most connected to, to do a deal.


It is the 1 year anniversary to the day when I made the choice to start my own business. Looking back to what has happened over the last 365 days, I could not even have imagined the joy this business would give me and the satisfaction of being my own boss. While this day will always be a special one for me (even though I did not officially start until March of 2016), I figured it is a great launching point to what I am going to share with you today!

In 2017 I am launching two new "re-vamped" packages. One is for my 1-on-1 coaching package, which already has gotten a face lift, just not a formal announcement. The other though is what I bring to you today...

In 2017 I am going to start offering 30 minute clarity calls! These are quick but powerful chats where we work through anything that might be blocking you but also not taking up to much of your time.

While my email list was the first to know, You are now in the know too! So obviously it wouldn't be cyber Monday without a deal! Normally these will be worth $60 but today only, if you use the code HOLIDAY16 you get it for $30, that is a dollar a minute, who can beat that! Also to make it super easy, you can book right from here too! Just select the session, redeem your coupon, select your time, pay and you are all set! This deal expires at midnight so hurry!

There will be a formal announcement in 2017 for this but I would love to know your feedback, especially after we have had a call! The two new re-vamped packages will be the only 1-on-1 coaching I offer in 2017. I will also be running the 2017 Honest Action Mastermind too (this also has a fun deal going until midnight!) with some fun other collaborations that will come out, so I would totally take advantage of this deal while you can! 

I am grateful for you, yes you, to be able to bring you these streamlined sessions to really help you get clear and taking action in your business. If you also are like, "well who are you & are why are you the right person for me", you are right, I might not be, but let's see what happens in those 30 minutes and go from there! I am a Certified Professional Coach after all ;) O yea, I totally forgot to tell you, I am finally a CPC!!! Let's do a happy dance for this HUGE Fat Baby Win!!! 

Ok that is all for now, check back later in the week for a blog on the benefits of joining a paid mastermind and if you missed my latest post, click here to read all about Celeste Coffman's tactics to deal with anxiety in your business! Happy Shopping Boss Babes! <3