How do you define your ideal client?… hint, you're more involved than you think!

As small business owners, our clients are the reason we are in business, they are why we are here, but sometimes we may feel like we do not have control over who they are. I am here to say that we do, we have the power in who we attract and who we do business with even if you do not feel like that right now. 

No one wants to work with people who are not aligned with our values, mindset, or people who are just plain rude. That is where, if you are marketing to everyone you will fall into the pattern of attracting the wrong people to your business, or no one at all. Not having a clear cut plan of who you want to work with, can lead to working with people who do not fall into the categories you are seeking

I have been in marketing for years and I have seen the benefit of having ideal client personas. When it comes to small businesses though, I am about to turn that on its head. In the past, I think we limited ourselves when coming up with our ideal client personas. The old way had you come up with a fictional person, asking everything from their age, demographic, job title, tv shows watched, publications read and the list goes on. Yes it was informative, time consuming and did yield some results, but then our "ideal clients" were limited to just that box we put them in.  

Just because you want her to like a TV show, doesn't mean she does, so it could lead us to be missing out on people, if we keep putting them into a box. Ok that is a broad statement, but I do feel like sometimes with the old way of doing things we tend to forget that our ideal clients have more to them, than just an age and interests. 

So how do we break the old boxy mold, yet still keep on attracting those ideal clients? Well sometimes as small business owners we forget why we started out in this crazy world of entrepreneurship, it was for us, right? It was because we had certain attitudes, sayings, mantra's, ideas, goals, beliefs and who emulated them. By asking them specific questions about the above you are able to see who they really are, and not who they appear to be and this will make all the difference.

This is what the new look of ideal client work should look like. We are attracting the people who have the same heart and mindset of you and your business. It works because you get to know who they are below the surface. People are complicated and tend to put on masks of who they think others want them to be, so by asking your ideal clients the deep questions and getting to know them without the mask you are able to unlock what they really want. Which means you can not only relate to them, but you are able to then provide more for them with your services and products.

For me, my ideal clients are small business owners (or not) who have a mindset of "I can do this" "I am going places" and "I am good enough". They believe in their BIG ideas but just need help in getting things started (or from the point they are at now to the point they want to be at). They are sassy, positive and are willing to work hard to make sure they are achieving their own version of success, no matter what it takes. 

I love that others are starting to see this too, like the lovely ladies from Think Creative Collective! I am so excited to help you figure out who your new ideal clients are! Email me at and Ill be happy to chat with you more about this!

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