The Story Why "Believe" is my "Word of the Year"!

Every have the opportunity to create a word that you lived by for a year? If not, it is not to late to dig deep and figure out what your word of the year is as it is something I am learning to be a powerful motivator for yourself! 

Back in December when I received Lara Casey's Powersheets goal setting book, I saw that we had to, after pages of prep, decide on a word of the year, as I was skimming it. The thought of choosing one word for the year put me into a state of panic, only because to me I honestly had no idea what it would be. 

The great thing about the Powersheets set is there is no time that you have to have your word of the year by! You can go along with the exercises and action planning until the word becomes clear to you, which took a lot of pressure off me, in thinking I had to decide it right now. 

This was a new way to explore all the different dreams and ideas I was having as I was starting down the road of small business ownership and I took my time with this, which is so unlike me. I wanted to believe that this word was truly what my year was going to be about, little did I know I had just subconsciously figured it out

I also took my time with the Powersheets prep and didn't really even start the monthly sections until February. During this time I tried on other peoples "word of the year", thought about what I wanted my year to look like, and made goals all still wondering "what the heck is my word!"

It was a snowy day in January here in Tennessee and I remember looking outside and seeing the stillness that comes with snowfall and realizing then that I just wanted to BELIEVE this crazy year was going to be possible.

I wanted to believe that my business was going to start and take off, believe that we would figure out where to move to next, believe that my goals were possible, and most importantly I wanted to believe in myself; which can be hard sometimes. It was so clear that after a few weeks of trying to figure out this word, that I had known it all along, I just needed to sit still to see it. 

Since then that is exactly how I have lived this year so far, believing that any and every can happen, as long as I believe in myself. It's crazy how that one little word has helped me accomplish so many of my goals in just a few short months, but there really is something to be said about finding the word that fits you for whatever season your year is in! 

I will keep on believing that this will be my best year yet and I hope that you join in the fun of finding your own word of the year and sharing it with your community! 

If you need help in figuring out your word, or just want to talk through a goal, feel free to schedule a free session with me, as I truly want to help you achieve your own version of success this year!