How to Authentically Market Your Small Business Online

Grab your coffee and let's have a chat about marketing! We've all heard of traditional marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing content marketing and others throughout the years as online marketing has grown.

Throughout my career I have dealt with all of these and intertwined them in campaigns for different companies and clients. However in a coaching session with the wonderful Kelly Scott a few weeks ago something sparked during our conversation that for small business owners there's a different type of marketing that we're just starting to figure out. It is something I call authentic marketing and it's where your heart of why you opened your small business and organic marketing come together.

We all know that when you own a small business creating content that speaks to your audience is something that cannot be ignored. What I also know is that every business owner has their own special gift because each business owner also has a heartfelt reason for starting their business and that's where authentic marketing came from.

When creating content that resonates with your audience the one thing that small business owner sometimes forget is the reason why they started.  We can get caught up in the hustle and bustle and sometimes that means that the heart and soul behind why we started our business can get left behind.  I am here to remind you of just that though, and help you get the heart and soul back into the content of your business.

Google is the number one search engine for getting found and that is a key element for small businesses in the world of fast-paced searching and keywords. What authentic marketing does is it allows for the organic side of marketing (using keywords to be found by your target audience) to shine while still staying true to the heart of your business. The surprising element here is engagement.

Engaging with your audience on social media is a new way of getting found without paying for ads. It also involves listening to what they are saying and if it is something your business can solve, than take it and write about it, because that will help attract your audience without getting to far off the beaten path of who your business is. Also harness the gifts that made you start your small business too and from there write about them in a way where your audience will start engaging with your content instead of just reading it.

When authentically marketing your business you want to take into account these four things in order make sure that your content aligns with your heart and soul:

1)    Is what you're writing a part of the values and integrity of your business?  There will always be someone else who feels the need to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing, but there is only one person who knows your audience and your business better and that is YOU. You have values and integrity and intuition and that will never steer you wrong when you are writing content.

2)   Is what you’re writing the answers to questions that they ask on a daily basis? Listening is the key to creating authentic content for your audience so the value you provide them resonates more than what the industry says. Sometime we have to go against the “industry” to give the answers that we know our audience wants and needs.

3)   Does your content speak to the products and services that you offer? Yes there is the 80/20 rule of content, 80% informational and 20% promotional, but are you actually speaking about the products and services or are you writing to write. Think about what you started to create in the beginning and take a look to see if it is in-line with the brand that you created.

4)   Also look at the keywords. The best part of how to get found know a days, isn’t the short tail keywords, but the long tail ones. These are the phrases or questions that people pop into Google, so researching those will get your creative juices following about what people are searching for and how they are finding your website. You can look in Google analytics and check on the terms you’re being found for, typing in phrases in Google and seeing what pops up and using the Google Keyword Planner to research. Also see the questions being asked on social media accounts too. From there you can create content that is truly authentic to your business and gets people coming to you for answers!

Authentic marketing helps you get back to who your business is and who you are because sometimes we get lost in what everyone else wants us to be instead of what we truly started out to be. It’s getting back to the core of your small business and the values that made you want to go after your target audience in the beginning!

Need help figuring all of this out? Well I can help you dig deep and figure out what your values are, how they align with your business and then create an action plan to get you started on creating quality content and getting more traffic to your site! Schedule a free discovery call today!