The power of letting go in your business + life

How many of you have at one point in your life, looked at something or someone and just knew it was not right for you. Your instinct was to let it go, but you bought, took, or let it into your life anyways. Cut to later on in your life and you realize just how unimportant that thing or person is to you but you have no idea how you got to that place.

Trust me, I have been there. When people or things do not serve us anymore we all have trouble cutting it out. A while ago I was having such a conflict because I was in a friendship that did not serve me anymore. Neither of us did anything to each other, the relationship just never moved forward, but we still had mutual friends that we hung out with. I couldn't see letting the friendship go out of fear of losing other friends.

The fear took a toll on me. I really tried my best to keep to myself in order to "make it go away". What I was not realizing though at the time, is I was only holding on to this friendship out of fear, it was so draining to maintain a mask when truly the friendship served it's purpose. I learned from her but there was just no commonality anymore, which is perfectly normal and understandable. Not all friendships or relationships or things even will last us a lifetime.

I was so blocked by this fear, that I could not see how draining it was on me and others around me. One day I was chatting with another friend and she saw the toll so she asked me:

"What would it look like to just let go of the friendship?"

No one had ever blatantly asked me this before and it was like a light bulb went off. My life would be lighter, easier and more importantly filled with more joy. Once I dug deep I realized it was a conflict of values for me, her values did not line up with mine, and that is OK. Our values are our guiding point in life and sometimes it wont mesh well with others, its the conscious awareness that makes the difference.

So I let the friendship go. It was easy once I realized the "why" of it all. Letting anything go in your life that isn't serving you is always a challenge and it will take time, but I want you to know that your business and life will be better because of it.

Everything in our life has a purpose that, once it is fulfilled it is ok to be done with it. It served you well and it will serve you even better to let it go. So this week I want to challenge you to look at your business and life. See what is working and what isn't. This could be anything from processes, to relationships, to even routines. Anything that is draining you take a few minutes and dig into the why of it all. Ask yourself:

"Why is this draining my time/energy/motivation?"

"What would my life look like with out it?"

"What's the first thing I need to do to let it go?"

These simple questions can also have some deep and meaningful answers. Our lives are constantly changing and influx, so why not fill it up with more of what makes us happy and leave the negative behind!

If you need a little more encouragement, just listen to the song below... Personally I have been singing this in my head the entire time I was writing this! 


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