How to Build Confidence in Your Brand on Instagram!

We all want more followers and to have our ideal clients find us through our awesome looking social profiles right? One of the things I learned as a business owner, is that I have to show up daily with confidence in order to make my business work for me. One way of doing this is by creating an awesome Instagram account that shows your brand authentically and content that positions you as a confident expert in your own field, which by the way you already are, even if you don't feel that way! 

I have seen a lot of advice on how to boost your Instagram and tips and tricks on how to get new followers but what I have yet to see is advice on how to build confidence in your brand on social media. I am here to help you specifically when it comes to building a confident brand on Instagram today, because that is where I started to implement this idea for myself! 

I have taken my time with how I want to show up on Instagram and the results have been great for what I have wanted to achieve. I have grown my audience from 140 to over 600 in just 3 months, I have posted empowering messages (which is what I am all about!) and stopped comparing myself to others and just enjoy the engagement I can bring to this platform. This has helped me have a brand that is true to me and I have confidence that when I post the likes, comments and followers who want to be associated with me will happen. So how can you build a confidence in your brand on Instagram, well here are 4 tips to get you started:

1. Visualize how you want your account to look like: This was a huge light bulb for me when I took a step back to see how my account was looking compared to what I had visualized for it when I started out on this crazy adventure in small business ownership. I realized how I was showing up, was not aligned with my brand at all. The colors were off and the images did not match the content, so I did a complete overhaul and re-designed it based on how my website looks, what messages I wanted to convey, and my personality. You can do this too! Take no more than 30 minutes; in the first 15 minutes doodle what your Instagram should look like based of off your website, messaging and personality, then in the next 15 look at your own Instagram account and see how it aligns. If it doesn't, figure out what needs to change to get it looking and working in tip top shape for you! If you need help with graphics, I highly recommend using as they are the free online version of photoshop and I use it for all my graphics!  

2. Keep it simple and real: I say this because we can get so caught up in what others are doing, so we try to create something bigger and better that sometimes keeping it simple and real with our photos and messages can have a bigger impact than the former! This also takes the pressure off of needing to do it better because it will be more aligned with the first tip!

3. Don't post if you don't want to: I have heard before that you have to post 2 to 3 times a day on Instagram in order to gain more followers and to make sure you are seen. What happened to me at least, was that after doing this for a week I was burnt out, even with an automated system/process in place. It was because I was creating content on Instagram that felt hurried, rushed and unauthentic to my brand. So I stopped. I now post at least once a day, sometimes maybe twice if it feels right to me. That means I listen to my internal voice on if this will actually help encourage my audience or if I am just doing it to post and let me tell you, I feel so much better doing it this way. It is way more strategic and from my heart and the results have been exactly what I have wanted them to be. Plus I am confident that when I do post it will be well received because I did test this theory out and it showed me when I posted without the heart behind it, those post did not perform as well as when I did post from the heart.  

4. Create content that answers or asks a question: Being a small business and confidence coach, I am always curious about what others have to say, but I found that before I was building a confident brand, I was not doing that on Instagram. I was just saying inspirational things instead of asking my audience what inspires them. So, I started to ask questions or answer a question in each of my posts and the response has been great and it instills in me that my audience is finding me. So I challenge you to get out their and see what your audience is talking about and see how you can incorporate those questions/answers into your post that are authentic to your brand/business. This will help you show up more as a leader and expert and the confidence you get from that can not be bought! 

These little gems are have what kept me being confident that my brand is showing up exactly how I want it to. I'm not saying that others advice on how to grow your accounts are not valuable because that are, but I also don't let them influence my brand, because it's mine and no one else's. If that is all you take away from this, then I guarantee you will have confidence in your brand, not just on Instagram but how it shows up for you daily! 

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