Why it's Hard to Be Vulnerable in Business

Vulnerability, a word that makes everyone in business take a step back. Being vulnerable and transparent in our businesses can be a step out of our comfort zone, but it is these words that can change the way your business functions...

vulnerable in business

We are inherently fearful of what other people are going to say when we get real about our lives and how they intertwine with the businesses we started. I know when I was getting ready to post my "why I started" blog, the thoughts of:

"What if people do not like what I say"

"What if they don't resonate with my story"

and worst of all "What if my someone changes their opinion of me because of it"

I was very protective of that blog, for good reasons, but I was ready to share it because I knew what it meant to me to be able to be at a point to share. My story is my own and no one can take that away.

We concentrate so much about our ideal clients and image, but what we can leave out is that our ideal clients have a part of us in them, always. So when we start sharing those vulnerable stories they help make ourselves real to the audience we want to attract. This type of content is how you're able to show a side of yourself that humanizes the business.

Those fears can bubble up when we start doing this because not only do we live in a super judgmental society, but we are taught that "businesses" must look and act a certain way. I have been seeing a recent surge in business owners showing their vulnerable side, most recently with the "Imperfect Boss" challenge put together by Ashley Beaudin of Fire Wind & Co. I am thrilled that there are so many people championing this movement because as we get more comfortable with showing our stories it can have a complete change on our businesses and how/who we attract paying clients. 

You do not have to share every little thing too, because let's be honest some things are better left not shared (like a photo of the aftermaths of a night out, no judgement because I have been there, I am just saying!). Sharing also doesn't always have to be about the big things, the changes that shake our world to the core, both big and small they still have an impact. When we share things like "I haven't cleaned up my house in days, or my office looks like this right now" those can show that we are hard workers, we care about our clients, but we are still people. 

I will also say that you don't have to share your story right now, it is ok to keep it until you are ready to tell it. When you are ready to share though, share it loud and proud and "your people" and "your tribe" will find you and be there with open arms, lifting you up and supporting you!

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*photo courtesy via canva.com