An Open + Honest Letter to Myself about Turning 30!

A note to understand the why behind this. I write this letter not to "toot my own horn", but to actually show you, yes you, that we all have a lot of growing still to do, but that you need to see just how far you have come to move forward. Age really is just a number and it is never to late to go after your passion and dreams. Just because the last however many years did not turn out the way you planned, does not mean you do not have it in you to make the next however many more exactly what you want it to be! 

30, wow it has been 30 years since you came into this world and what a ride it has been. While life has had it's up and downs, you seem to have navigated it pretty well and always come out with a clear picture of what you want next, even if others did not agree with you. 
Even though your 30, it is just a number. You don't feel "30", your still able to do things that you did when you were in your late teens and early 20's, and no I am not talking about all the partying and drinking, 2 glasses of wine now and you are on the floor. It's still your uncanny ability to see the good in others that you learned when you were a kid and your inherent need to help has lead you down this awesome career path to entrepreneurship. The jobs and experiences you have had, served you well until they did not and you had the mindset to change even when it did not seem like the right idea to others.
In the last decade you came in "like a lion and went out like a lamb". I say that in the sense of you did not know what the heck you wanted when you were 20, even if you thought you did. You thought you wanted a job in PR, turns out there were none. You then got a job as an administrative assistant, turns out you hated it but because of that experience you were exposed to marketing and fell in love with that skill set. You also loved love and chased it often, but it wasn't until you finally decided to stop chasing and let it come to you, that you really found the person who loved you for you and are spending and loving your life with.  
You also honed your marketing skills and as you grew your love of the career path you were on grew too. You figured out early on, that the work experience matter more than the job, and the people you worked with had more of an impact than the tasks. That was a guiding point for all future opportunities that you took and you need to give yourself props for that. 
You also made mistakes too, remember when you dyed your hair bright pink before a work event because you thought it would turn out red? Or the time you sent out an email campaign to thousands with the subject line of "Hi, "First Name" instead of the personalization. Or the accounts that were lost, whether it was your fault or not, it still effected you deeply. All of these though have helped shape you into stepping into your own power and being able to know that while there will still be failures and successes in life, that you get to choice how you want it to shape your next steps.
You were also able to establish and come into your own as an independent person. While most of it was not due to your choice, you sat in it, and didn't let the fears of being on your own overwhelm you. You now are able to know just how much you as a person can take and how to stand up and do things for yourself you did not even know you were capable of. 
You have learned to overcome tragedies in really awful situations and become more aware of how you want to handle yourself. You still don't let your emotions show, but hey, you still think your a horrible ugly crier, so its ok, you still have a lot to learn.
All of these things and more have lead you to become the leader you have always wanted to be as you turn another decade older. You started your business and found your passion early on and you need to be grateful for that each and everyday. 
While you're still figuring out all the details, you have a much better sense of who you are and how you want to shape your journey. As you continue on navigating the next 10, 20, 30, 40+ years of your life, remember to look back at all you have accomplished and failed at to help you create the future you want, as it will always keep you humble and remind you of how you got to where you are today.
Also it will remind you that the last 2 days of 29 were way more awful than the first day of 30, o hello bruised foot and ego from tripping up the stairs and heat exhaustion resulting in some not so pleasant reactions.. remember to hydrate in 100 degree weather please!
Here's to the next however many years of up's and down's!

Seriously though, like I said in the beginning, age is really just a number and no matter how old you are, your passions and dreams are still attainable, you just have to make the decision for yourself on how you want to go about creating it in your own journey of life.