3 Tips to Find Your Authentic Voice For Your Business.

We all have a voice, some are soft, some are loud, and some are darn right annoying, but it's yours. So how do you translate that voice into content for your business? The biggest issue I see with new small business owners is they feel this need to do it all. They feel this inherent pressure to take everything on and create all of these different avenues of content because they either say people doing it all or someone told them too. 

3 tips to finding your authentic voice to use in your business for online content.

Good news though, you definitely do NOT have to do it all. When we take on to much or do things that we do not enjoy that voice, the authentic voice of who you are gets lost, which lets be honest, that voice is all you need to attract your target audience. That voice is what will resonate with and have then saying "YES, this is the person I want to work with".

So how do you find out what your authentic voice is? It isn't easy, but it also isn't rocket science. Here are my 3 tips to take into account when finding your authentic voice;

Values - I feel like I talk about values all the time, but they play a huge part in who we are and how we want to show up in our business. Knowing what your values are will give you a great insight into the voice that you have. They can give you a look into what you hold dear (topics you can right about if they are inline with your message) and they help you figure out if you have been masking you voice because your values haven't been aligned with your business. To learn more about values, click here.

Intuition - The gut punch of life as I like to call it, can help you figure out what you like to do when it comes to creating content that has your authentic voice in it and what you do not like doing. It also is a great way to check in with yourself before you hit publish to see how the message is sitting with you. Is it just something that is hum ho and you are only putting out because you feel like you have to, or are you proud of this voice you are putting out to the world. Coming back to your intuition will help you refine your authentic voice for your business and let it shine.

Comfortability - Yes, I know that is not a word, but it makes sense for this. When we are uncomfortable with how we are using are voice to come across loud and clear. While being uncomfortable does help us move forward and push past some fears, if the level of uncomfortability is to great, it can lead to in-action or really doing things more out of fear than we want to. So figuring out the fine balance between being comfortable and not can help you see where your authentic voice lives and how it can translate to online content!

These 3 tips can help you figure out what your authentic voice is but there is still a next step. How do you want to translate that into content for your business? In my years I have figured out that there are only 4 types of "people" when it comes to online content. They are Actor, Questioner, Speaker, and Writer.

If you want to learn exactly which voice you are, then I encourage you to enroll in my latest e-course to dig deep and hone in on which voice is really your true one. It's a quick 90 minute class that you can do at your own pace and it is only a $175 investment. If you want more confidence in creating online content for your biz, this is the course for you. I mean you could pay hundreds of dollars a month to have someone create + manage your content for you, or you could spend 90 minutes and $175 to take charge of your time and find your authentic voice so your online content comes so much easier than ever before!