4 Steps to Find Your Accountability Business Bestie!

So, you created a business, got the plan all laid out and are ready to go, but there is still something missing that is keeping you from really staying on track. It's called accountability. I have talked about this before but when we hold ourselves accountable it helps us to create the success we want. However, I also know that having an accountability partner or a business bestie can be a HUGE stepping stone to seeing progress faster.

4 Steps to help you find your next business bestie/accountability partner!

This is because your  business bestie acts as your sense of reason. They're the ideal person to bounce ideas off of who are always there for you, even through the crazy meltdown moments. They are invested in your success and best of all, your business bestie has your company’s best interest in mind.

Accountability is a big part of success in business, but finding the business bestie to take on this role for you can be a struggle, especially for the introverts out there or people who work from home! The road goes both ways too, if you find your business bestie you can also be her accountability partner too! Which is why it is important is find the right business bestie for you!

Here are 4 tips to get you rocking and rolling to find your business bestie quickly and easily!

Look into your social media circles - This may seem obvious, but because it is obvious it is something we need to talk about. One of the best places to look for a business bestie is in your social media accounts, specifically Instagram and Facebook Groups. There is a whole world of people online know a days and all it takes is maybe looking over the course of a few days to see who is out there and who you think would be a great business bestie for you! 

Just Ask - So it's great to do your research on who you want to be your business bestie but the most important step is to actually take action on contacting them. This can seem super, unbelievably scary but trust me, once you hit send you will feel on top of the world and you just may get a business bestie out of it. By asking you not only hold yourself accountable but your showing the other person just how important your business is to yourself. This goes a long way when the person on the other end of the message is then scoping you out to see if you are a fit to be a bestie, because its true, you HAVE TO BE A GOOD FIT in order to really have a great accountability partner, which leads me too...

Be a Genuine Friend to Others  - So know that you are in the process of finding a business bestie, don't just start asking, show that you have a genius interest in them, No strings attached. If you see something that would interest your new contact, send it to them! Whether it's an article related to their industry, a contact that could be a ideal client, or even a networking event you came across in their area, sending it to them shows that you truly care and want nothing out of this but a bizendship (business friendship, I'm coining this term now!)

Hire a Coach  - So if the last three just do not appeal to you at all, or your at a place where you need a higher level of accountability than just a bizendship, you can always hire a business coach. You pay them to be your accountability partner and you both go into this partnership knowing the outcome. There are strings attached to this tip, but only in the sense that you are tied to them in the form of payments.  Tip: If you do hire a coach, just like above, make sure they are the right fit and also are within your budget, just because a coach has a higher price tag does not mean they are going to get you the results you want! 

So there you have it! I can not stress enough just how important being accountable in your business is. With these tips you can find your business bestie or new coach with ease and have way less stress in your life trying to always hold yourself accountable! Yes, you can still do that, but it can be so much more rewarding when you have someone else to talk to and not just your dog! 

If hiring a coach is what you want to start with, then let's figure out if we are a right fit! I just launched my new "Name Your Own Price" coaching package, so let's discover what we can accomplish together!