Self-care is the best kind of care...

and a whole bunch of other reasons why making time for you matters...

Self-care and business work

So if you have not noticed, I have pretty much been silent lately. My normal go to is to apologize and give you a whole list of reasons and excuses as to why, but guess what... I took a vacation and I am not sorry about it! I say that because I gave myself a ton of grace over the last month to know that where I was, was not in a place to bring you all, the best content possible, so I shouldn't put pressure on myself to try and create if I am not mentally there (mentally and physically I was at the beach!) and you know what, it was exactly what I needed to be able to come back with so much awesomeness! So today I really wanted to dig deep into why you need to implement a self-care practice for yourself, so you don't ever get to the point of burn out in your business!

First off, what is self-care? It's the conscious decision to make time for you, NOT working on your business, and doing something that you enjoy! It may sound simple, but actually taking action on this can bring up all sorts of things. Guilt being the main feeling, because being a small business owner, sometimes its all on you, so if your not "there" who else will do it. Sounds like a familiar conversation? I thought so, these feelings are normal because your business is like your baby you want to make sure you are there to nurture it 24/7, however when you do this burn out can happen fast. 

I use to be like that and you, I never wanted to take time for myself nor did I think I deserved to either. Well guess what, I got super burned out and realized I needed to make a change. Implementing self-care was the answer and I have never looked back. It took time to be OK with it, but consciously choosing to better myself was a win in and of itself. Here are my top tips for you on how to can implement a self care schedule for yourself, as self-care can look different for everyone! Hey, we don't all like the same things!

List it out - What do you actually do that makes you feel relaxed and happy? If you have all these ideas in your head, you need to make a list and write them out. This not only helps in making the things you want to do real, but it helps you keep them organized to so you can pick and choose which ones you want to do today! Hello, who here can remember #allthethings we like to do, on top of running a business and a family... I know I certainly can't, so writing them down and keeping the list close helps me when I need some self-care time, I can easily choose what I want to do. This also helps minimize decision fatigue, you can learn more about that here.

Block it off - So, writing it down is step one, but step two is HUGE. You have to, must block off the time on your calendar. This makes it real, like really real. It doesn't have to be a whole day, even though who doesn't love a spa day, but block it off. Make an effort, whether every day, week, or month make sure you are actively clearing time on your schedule for you! This also plays into the last tip which is...

Hold Yourself Accountable - When you make the choice to take time for you, YOU need to be the person who answers to yourself if it does not happen. When you write it down and block it off, the next thing you have to do it make sure you do it. Holding yourself accountable for self-care means that you are responsible, it may seem harsh and I don't mean it to be, but self-care is a personal practice so if you actually make yourself do it, it feels so good. Vice versa, if you flake then you have to be the one to reason with yourself why and normally it works itself out in the form of, ok I need to schedule more time to make sure this happens the next time. Granted if you really do not want to hold yourself accountable, get an accountability buddy! This person can help you make sure you are taking the time you need to recharge and refocus so you do not burn out no doing the things you love in your business!

These tips will help you create the strategy you want for implementing self-care into your life. You get to choose how often, how long and what you want to do, these just help you make sure you have the simple steps in place to accomplish it! We have strategies and processes set in our business, so why not set one up that lets us work better in our business? 

Making sure you are your at your best will make a world of difference when it comes to how you show up each day. Self-care makes sure you are happy, fired up and ready to tackle anything that comes your way!