So, what exactly is this coaching thing anyway...

Something that has been coming up for me over the last few weeks is the question of "Well, what exactly is coaching?" Whenever I am asked this whether in-person or online I immediately know what they are looking for, because coaching is relatively new and can be confused with other jobs like consultants, mentors, and therapists.

It dawned on me, that while I can tell others personally what it is and put there minds at ease, I have not done a good enough job of doing the same online! I say this because there are so many benefits that coaching can have, that we get into the habit of assuming you already know, which is definitely not what I want! 

So today's post is all about what coaching could be for you and the benefits it can bring. So let's get right into it! 

Coaching is...

Something you do NOT need to be afraid of! When I tell others that I am a Small Business and Confidence coach, their eyes tend to bug out and I get a look of confusion yet they are intrigued. Coaching is not scary, we are meant to be a nonjudgemental, objective person who is there really just for what you need! You get an accountability partner and a safe place to talk about anything you need to in order to get you to take action on the goals you have set out for yourself.

A conversation. While you can have a formal outline, I am very much a big cheerleader of having the sessions be a conversation, like your talking to a friend and catching up. This is because the benefits of being comfortable outweigh the formal aspect, to me at least. When you are comfortable and the conversation flows easily you will be able to open up about what is truly going on, and as a coach I will be listening deeply to help you discover things about yourself that you did not never know. Which brings me to the third benefit...

Getting the support you did not know you needed. We all have support systems in place but sometimes there is this dis-ease that we can not work through. When you invest in coaching a benefit is getting a support system that is not attached to your outcome at all. This type of support in unconditional and not many people really know they need it until they are in it and are truly open to receiving it. Most people, ok maybe just me, have a hard time with receiving support or help, but coaching makes the receiving part of support feel validated and not slimy.

Owning your power & energy - Doubting ourselves is not something new, neither is being stuck with negative energy and not knowing why. One of the reasons I fell in love with coaching is it has allowed me to realize and control how I show up everyday and what type of energy I am putting out and how it serves me. When you are coached, this is what you become more aware of too! You have someone who is allowing you to just be you, no masks, no gimmick and guiding you to understand how you have shown up verses how you want to show up in life and business! 

Not for everyone. I say this with love. Not everyone is going to want coaching and you know what that is ok. It is there choice in that moment. This is where I have to impart the wisdom of the power of choice. You can not force someone to do coaching, nor should you make that choice for them. It has to be there choice whether or not they would like this service added to their life or business, and that is why I say coaching is not for everyone, those who are ready for coaching though, as you can see above, the benefits can have amazing effects.

I hope this post clears up any thoughts you have had around coaching and if this interests you, do not hesitate to contact me, as I am always up for a chat about what I can do to support you! 

You can always contact me here, or check out the package I offer too! If you aren't ready for coaching, check out my e-course which is designed to help you take back your time so you can market your business smarter with online content! It is a toe dip into what we can really dig into in coaching! 

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