The Customer Service Experience - Why being nice matters

Customer service is a huge, HUGE part of being the successful business owner that you want to be. I am a huge advocate that customer service is a vital part of your business. Being nice and understanding in situations though are different than the mentality of "the customer is always right". When you are nice, understanding, and down right pleasant in your business people notice it, customer notice it and come back and guess what... That attitude follows right into your personal life too!

customer service experience

What we are told as business owners thought that the "customer is always right". However that is NOT always true. Customers can have problems and attitudes that just don't make for good business and as an entrepreneur you have the right to say no or deny your products or services because of that. At the end of the day, even with great customer service skills your sanity and integrity are not worth having a P.I.T.A customer. 

What I wanted to touch on today is about the experience of using your customer services skills, yes it is a skill that you need to work on a daily basis. I say this because, since we are most likely the face of the business, we do not want to put masks on and show others a "different" person than we already are. I titled this blog the customer service experience because that is what it is. Whether you are serving customers or the one being served it is the experience that you want to create that matters. 

So how can this apply to you to make your life one AWESOME customer service experience, well I am glad you asked..

Always treat others with kindness and respect - We learned this when we were like 5 but it is always a good thing to be reminder of. Treat others the way you want to be treated, not only will this always help you bring the best customer service skills to your business, but when you are at another establishment you will attract the best service possible.

Try to see the positive in situations that might not be going your way - Not ever situation is going to be pleasant and sometimes people can be down right rude, as can we if the situation warrants it (hello comcast, just saying). When we at least try to see the positive, or visualize the outcome that would be ideal we can see that while the attitudes may not be great, the service and value is still there which can diffuse the tension if you state that.

Put yourself in the other person's shoes - You really can never truly put yourself into someones shoes, but you also may not know what they are going through. Asking them what you can do to help this situation or even try to see how they are approaching you from their perspective can deflate your interpretation of what is going on. Then you can move forward and figure out the best possible solution! 

I wanted to bring this up because of a recent, could have been awkward situation that happened when I was in the customer shoes. Enter Kendra Scott ... Before my vacation I was in their Nashville store buying a few goodies and presents for family and friends that we would see (birthdays, so many birthdays!) to celebrate them. They had a sale going on and I didn't think twice about it when I was rung up. Cut to an hour later, driving back home, when my friend realized I didn't receive the discount. Instead of getting angry and demanding a discount, I thought maybe my necklaces didn't qualify... 😱 shocking right! So I called, I asked them in a pleasant upbeat tone about it and guess what, the did make a mistake, but I understood that it really wasn't that big of a deal and was just happy they refunded me! Well, they went above and beyond and in the mail,  when I got back home from vacation was this hand written note, apologizing and saying how much they value me as a customer! I was floored but it's because they employ people who have that nice and understanding attitude that they can go above and beyond the normal level of "crap" we tend to deal with on a daily basis in the world of customer service. 

So long story short, exercising your customer service skills matters, not just in your business but in your personal life too. It's all about your mindset in the moment on how not only do you want to show up as a business owner, but also how you show up as a customer on the other side too!

Want more confidence around your mindset when it comes to customer service and business? Let's hop on a free call and see if a little small business coaching would help you become the confident, caring and compassionate business owner you want to be!