Why knowing your energy level in business is important

So, while I even write this title, I am really excited to show you what I mean by "energy" because it is not as crazy as it sounds. My coaching training not only allows me to grow my skills but it teaches me about how to show you where your energy is around who you are, how you are living and the tasks you do everyday.

When I say energy, I do not mean that "when the moon hits your eye and everything collides", even though now I bet you have the song "When your moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie" in your head, your welcome for that! ;) What I mean is the energy we use everyday. When we wake up and get out of bed we exert energy to do that. When we choose what we want to put in our coffee, we use some of our energy to make that choice. 

It is really about how you want to show up daily in life and what type of energy you want to exert to get you through the day. There are two type of energy (catabolic) the negative energy and (anabolic) the positive energy. Neither is good or bad because we need both, yes I said that, we need both the negative and positive. Think about it this way, in order for your lights to work in your house you need both the positive and negative charges to make it happen! However, with this energy, It is all about consciously choosing which one you want to exert. This also leads back a little to Decision Fatigue, which I talked about in Episode 4 of the BeYOUtifully Bold Podcast!

When I say consciously, I just mean really knowing and choosing everything you do, not just going through the motions but actively making the decisions you need to make in your life in a way that allows you to have more positive energy and see more opportunities. 

So why does this all matter, well when we stay in the negative energy on a daily basis, it not only can drain it faster, hello we only have so much energy we can use every 24 hours and sleep actually helps recharge it! It can actually then have us showing up as someone who is angry all the time and feel like the world is always against us. I don't know about you but I do not want to live my life that way. When we consciously choose the negative though, we are in control of how we use it and how much we exert, cool right?

With the positive energy, this is really where our best version of ourselves strive to live in. This is when we are able to choose and see opportunities, we really give selflessly from the heart on a daily basis and we get to move through the levels of energy more fluidly than if we stayed in the negative. Yes, there are levels, but that is a blog for another day. 

So I want to challenge you this week because knowing where your energy is around your business and the decisions you make is crucial to how you are showing up! As you go about your normal life, journal when you feel like your energy is being drained and journey when you feel your energy is high and pumping. After a week, go back and see if there is a pattern, because I bet you there is! When you see the pattern, you are now able to choose to either shelf the decisions or activities that drain you (or outsource) to make room for the decisions/activities that pump you up! This will have you showing up as a leader that see's everything as an opportunity, instead of seeing it as a problem!

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