8 Powerful Marketing Strategies To Enhance Your Business

Today's guest blog from Mara Burkes has my heart! Marketing is a strength of mine and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to bring you all these awesome tips that she is sharing today! 

Creating a marketing strategy that is personalized to your business and brand can be overwhelming. It is a new year and we want to take our business to the next level which is much easier to do when we have a solid strategy in place.

Personally, I find marketing extremely fun. I love the concept of marketing, especially online, because it gives us a chance to get in front of and connect with the community surrounding our brand. Whether our community is on Instagram, Facebook, our website, or any other place we can focus our marketing efforts on building those relationships and trust around our business. The personal side of marketing is my favorite.

Since 2017 is here I wanted to share 8 specific yet powerful marketing strategies that will enhance your business and brand.

1 | Content Marketing

Content is king. Having powerful content positions you as a leader which positions you as a higher authority as a business owner. Gaining loyal followers is a lot easier when you are providing free content that they can apply to their life, whatever your niche may be.
Gaining loyal followers is a lot easier when you are providing free content that they can apply to their life, whatever your niche may be. Click to tweet.
The way people have consumed content has evolved, though. And this fact is very important to keep in mind as a business owner! So since this type of marketing has evolved, please keep in mind:
  • No one actually reads anymore. If you are writing a blog post, the majority of lovely people that land on your page are going to skim. So this means including infographics, informational images, and headings make a world of difference.
  • Before creating content, make sure you are solving your target audiences problem or helping them come up with a solution in some way. For instance, my community over at maraburkes.com are all lady entrepreneurs and a lot of these lovely ladies come to me struggling with Pinterest. So I created a podcast + blog post all about conquering the new Pinterest smart feed. It solved their problem and this blog post got shared over 300 times, which is quite a bit for me. So when you create content, make sure it is the right content. Because your time is oh so very valuable!
  • Find what avenue works best for you and be consistent. Would you rather write (blog), talk (podcast), or video yourself (start a TV channel)? Pick one and create the best content you can for that specific medium.

2 | Video

I'm not talking about a major production where you have to bring in a crew to help you capture all the moments you need in order to make a fantastic video. Even though I love creating those types of videos, I'm talking about the short + sweet videos that are only 15 seconds long. These can be in your Instagram story, Snapchat, or even just a 15-second video you made real quick on your iPhone but it looks semi-professional. Using video as part of your marketing strategy is kind of like magic, it magnetizes people around you to your brand which is pretty cool. It may take up more time, yes. It may be a tad more difficult than just using a photo. But it is worth it.

3 | Live Video

Going live freaks everyone out at first. Or at least it did me. I mean there are so many things that could go wrong after you hit the "live" button. Conquering that fear is extremely worth it though because the reach of a live video far surpasses any type of post you could do. These types of videos connect you with your audience more and help you build a genuine relationship with them. This is the kind of marketing that I love. The marketing that involves giving back and feeling as if you are friends with every single person that follows you. Live video is the closest thing (that I know of) that can accomplish this. If going live still freaks you out, just remember that live broadcasts:
  • Get incredible reach and engagement
  • Build relationships with those who follow you
  • Bring a personal side to your brand
  • Are a creative way to market a product, service, or upcoming webinar
There are plenty of reasons to go live. So make sure this is an integral part of your marketing strategy this year!

4 | Make Biz Buddies

Make sure your marketing strategies includes friends. Affiliate marketing, sharing other business owners content, and nurturing the right relationships can transform your business and truly help you with your marketing this year. You will end up with a group of cheerleaders behind you that are willing to help you when you have a product launch or cheer you on when you are getting a little discouraged. Being a part of a Mastermind is something that I have been considering recently. A mastermind is simply a group of business owners that encourages each other and helps each other stick to goals, make important business decisions, and goes over new strategies to monetize their businesses. It is such a neat concept and I believe it is a very beneficial thing to get involved in!

5 | Online Advertising

Running an ad can be a little more complicated than boosting a post on Facebook which makes it easy to throw our hands up and walk away from the computer. But when ads such as Facebook and Instagram ads are used in a strategic way, you can scale your business in a ridiculously fast way. It's like giving Mark Zuckerberg $5 and he gives you $20 back. If you are wanting to learn more about Facebook ads then you should definitely check out Rick Mulready's podcast. He's a genius and I think you're going to love him + learn tons.

6 | Social Media

Social media is evolving every week it seems. Every business owner is different, but personally I tend to take on too many things and get overwhelmed. So running a crazy amount of social media profiles is just not feasible. Take time to really analyze where your target audience is spending most of their time. For me, it is Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. So with my marketing strategy, I just focus on Instagram and Pinterest. That's it. Those are the two platforms that I am actively engaging with my followers on and diving in every day. Pick your two platforms and create a unique strategy for each. 2017 will be less overwhelming by simplifying our businesses. And simplifying social media is absolutely necessary if you want to stay sane.
Really analyze where your target audience is spending most of their time on social media and invest in those platforms. Click to tweet.
Cutting out different platforms may not be a good idea if you have hired someone to take care of this for you. But for the solopreneurs out there who are juggling a million hats (I'm in the same boat, right there with you!) know that you don't have to be everywhere at the same time. Being the best at two specific platforms is way better than being ok at 10+ platforms.

7 | SEO isn't going anywhere

Search engines will always be a thing. Pinterest, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Review sites, you name it. These platforms are killin' it simply because people want to be able to type in a few keywords and find the answer to their problem. So it is up to us to provide these solutions for them that way we can show up right in front of them when they are having their dilemma. Invest time in learning SEO, there are great resources out there.

8 | Reviews and Testimonials

A lot of people do not view reviews or testimonials as something that is connected to their marketing. But the words of others that you have either worked with or sold something to are powerful. Powerful enough to continually make more sales and build trust with anyone that visits your website. For example, a creative way you can incorporate testimonials for a digital product you are selling is getting on Skype with someone that has used your product and recording the conversation as a video. Upload this to YouTube or Wistia and you can place this awesome testimonial on your sales page, website, or social media. Make it a goal to gather at least 5 testimonials or have 5 people review your business on Google + Facebook in a specific time period. If incorporating all 8 of these marketing strategies in 2017 sounds daunting, just pick a few! Definitely don't feel as if you have to master every single point to have successful marketing campaigns. I have a feeling your business is going to soar this year and I believe it will because you are taking the time to read up on marketing and are following Nicole, who puts out incredibly valuable information every week.

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