It's Time to Celebrate Your Business in 2017

Whether you have been in business for a day, a month,  or for years, celebrating your accomplishments are a huge part of the mindset of being successful. Since we just celebrated all of the wonderful Winter Holidays and we may be feeling in a celebration slump with the first 30 days of 2017 already over with, I figured it is time to get you to celebrate your business, like now!


So what do you actually celebrate? I am glad you asked. The term celebrations is defined as:

the action of marking one's excitement at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity. *

It is broad, which to me is perfect, because it does not put us in a pigeon hole on what we can celebrate! So when we get down or feel like our business is not working for us, it is best to use this definition to see where we can pick and choose from. Obviously if we could celebrate #allthethings, while it would be great, we would never get anything done because we would be having a party for everything little thing. Trust me on this, I come from a HUGE Italian/Irish family that throws a party anytime someone poops (said with love to any family member reading this, you know I love a good family gathering!). When looking at what you want to celebrate from the first 30 days of 2017, there are some specifics to look for to see which ones can really lift you up and make you feel all the feels and motivate you to continue to be successful. Hint, you already have seen success, even if you don't believe it. 

Below are ways to figure out what to celebrate also a list of things to reflect on so you know exactly what you want to celebrate as the new year gets continues to get even better! This can also be referenced through-out the year as you reach those #FatBabyWin goals that come from the #FatBabyMoves you will make!

Let's get started. 

In order to know what you need to celebrate when you look back at what you accomplished in the last 30 ish days, pick the goals or tasks that:

1. Created a lasting feeling in you: When you look back, there is emotion tied to it, whether it is joy, happiness or even a happy cry. These are stand out moments that need to be celebrated (and continue to celebrate these in 2017). Some examples could be the first sale you made of the year. Randomly selling someone on a product or service unexpectedly, those happy, shout it from the roof top moments, to the slight glee you felt over something you thought maybe was insignificant but was most definitely not, celebrate it! 

2. Had an impact for your audience/yourself: Did you reach a milestone in your business that you didn't think would happen until later in the year? Grew your email list to x numbers? Had x number of people like your FB page? Asked to be a speaker at a conference you didn't think possible? All of these impact you and your audience, as well as much more, so celebrate these. Even if you feel like you are bragging, you're not, you are just expressing excitement over opportunities that have worked out for you and you never know the impact it can make on someone else to go after a dream or goal! 

3. Grew your confidence: So confidence is kind of like a muscle ya'll, more on that later this year, but if something grew your confidence, i.e. got you to do something out of your comfort zone because of a success you were wanting to see, that is something to celebrate! Growing your confidence is never something that goes away, we are always up against ourselves, so if you did something that made you more confident than you were the day before, celebrate it! 

For me, the things I will be celebrating from the first 30 days of 2017 are:

1. Surviving living with the most gracious friends  have that relationship be even stronger than because of it.

2. Selling/Buying homes by myself and while stressful, it let me re-define who I am in business because of it. 

3. Selling a seat in my mastermind, unexpectedly 3 days before it started just by having a conversation! 

4. Re-doing my website header to incorporate the direction I am going in in 2017! 

These are not HUGE (ok maybe 3 is) goals or tasks that I set out to accomplish this year, but they all meet at least one, if not more, of the 3 criteria's above, so I will celebrate them. There are so many others to choose from but these are the ones that stand out and I am most proud of. 

So now that you know what you need to celebrate from 2016 as we go into 2017, we need to figure out the ways in which you will celebrate! Click here to download my "25 ways to celebrate your business" downloadable. It is quick, easy and allows you to celebrate in whatever way you choose! Don't see any on the pdf that motivate you, email me and tell me your suggestion to add! 

As always, if you are just feeling down or like you need more support to make sure you are meeting, exceeding and celebrating your business, let's hop on a free confidence boost call and see what we can do together to get you moving and shaking this year!