Why I'm Choosing to Be Intentional in Business this Year

It's February, who can believe it? Yes, this blog is coming later than I wanted but in all honesty, sometimes we can not find the words for what we are thinking at the time we think them!

Funny how that happens. In 2016, when I launched this business my word was Believe. I knew in 2016 not only did I have to believe in myself but in my skills, the business and everyone else around me that I am good enough to be a business owner, and ya know what, it worked!

I meet all the goals I had for myself, minus the income goals (I was still making money, just a lot more spent than coming in) and I was really proud of the pivots and twists and turns I allowed myself to make in order to find my groove, that sweet spot where you know you are just ready to soar.

When thinking about what I wanted my word for 2017 to be, I did not have a problem coming up with my favorites! Some included abundance, growth, and profitable. All great words and things I want to happen this year, however those did not "feel" right. I love them and after believing in myself for all of 2016 (I also still do, that won't go away), those words just did not mesh with what I wanted 2017 to look like.

To me 2017 was meant to be a year where I buckled down both financially and mentally to get things done and not create. I wanted to sit in what I created in my year of believing and start making them work for my business. I wanted to make sure that I continued to strive for a balanced life and really start making an impact instead of the feeling I had, of flailing a lot in 2016.

It was not until I got home for the Business Boutique conference in late 2016 that it hit me. I needed 2017 to be the year of intention. I needed to be more savvy, strategic and stubborn when it came to how I spent my time, money, and gifts in business in order to see the growth I will make happen. The definition of Intentional literally means "done on purpose; deliberate", which was what aligned perfectly with how my year was/is shaping up.

Everything I do has not been on a whim or done just because, it was on purpose with a deliberate meaning behind it. I was silent for January in my business, and it is because I listened to really what needed to be done and gave myself permission to be silent in business and work on personal stuff and you know what, it paid off! Our move, while not pretty, was seamless and I got to spend time with friends who needed me in their moments of need.  I have been able to be there for my current clients and mastermind ladies while also planning behind the scenes, for a launch with Samantha later on this year without losing sleep or stressing myself out.

I was able to let go, cancel memberships that just were not working or I was not as active in as I needed to be. I streamlined my expenses and in January actually turned a profit, which was foreseen, gasp! While it was small, we all need to start from somewhere and being intentional in all aspects of my life has helped me just in the first 30 days of 2017.

So how is your word of the year working for you? I want to know, comment below or tag me on social! Let's support each other and hold each other accountable to make sure we are living the words we chose to embrace this year, because they can help us learn and grow and be the best version of ourselves in life and business!

Don't have a word of the year, or need help figuring out how to embrace it in a more "you" way? Let's hop on a 30 minute clarity call and get you clear on what it means to you and how to embrace it!