The Importance Of Brand Photography for Your Business

This week's blog topic is another guest post! We have the awesome Mallika of MikiFoto talking all about brand photography and the importance of it for your business. Let's dive in shall we:

Imagine standing out as a leader in your industry.

Imagine communicating your passion and what it feels like to work with you.

Imagine showcasing how you are different than the rest.

Imagine connecting with your audience in a meaningful manner.

Imagine doing all of this without even saying a word!


This is the power of brand photography. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then brand photography can communicate volumes about your brand.

What is Brand Photography?

Brand photography is a collection of customized, storytelling images that represent the essence of your brand. They are professional photos that communicate who you are, what you do and how it feels to work with you. Photos that dig deep into your brand story, sharing your personality, your process and your core message.


Brand photography is not your logo, your colors or fonts. It is not your tagline or mission statement. It is not stock photos or selfies. It also should not be confused with a headshot.

Brand photos and headshots are two different genres. Both important for your marketing efforts, but headshots are often used in your profile pics, LinkedIn and About Me pages. It's a portrait primarily focused on a person's face and taken from the shoulders up.  


I consider headshots your virtual handshake. They communicate that you are a professional and a legitimate business owner, while also giving a hint of your personality. While we all need a good one to make a strong first impression, this portrait can sometimes be one dimensional and not great at communicating the many layers of your business.

Sometimes a headshot is not enough to establish the know, like and trust factor. And if you are in a saturated industry, where everyone shares the same title, then you need to work extra hard to stand out.

Instead, brand photography takes your audience on a deeper journey into your business. These images are customized and include environments, styling and props that were strategically chosen to tell your fuller story. These images communicate different expressions, moods and facets of your personality allowing you to create a recognizable style. These images have purpose and intention, encouraging your audience to connect with you.

Imagine having a library of professional brand images that tell a strong, cohesive visual story. The end result is that you will not only have images that radiate who you are but you will also.:

Connect with your audience. Storytelling images allow you to breathe life and personality into your brand. As you share your story, your audience starts to know, like and trust you.

Stand out. We live in a noisy world where we are being bombarded with messages and distractions. Professional photos help you get noticed, grab your audience’s attention and make your brand memorable.


Elevate your expert status. We live in a competitive world where our industries are saturated. Professional photos differentiate the leaders from the amateurs. Great photos can position you as the authority or go-to expert in your market.

Achieve depth. Your brand is more than a pretty headshot. Through visual stories, share the foundation of your brand, your process and your experience and watch how you start attracting your dreamy clients.


When is it time to invest in brand photography?

The entrepreneurial journey can vary for all of us. But there are certain situations that can use new visuals for better impact.

  1. Launching a new business.

  2. Launching or refreshing a website.

  3. Launching a course or offering.

  4. Re-branding or repositioning.

  5. Revitalizing your brand.


The clarity and confidence of your message seems to up level when paired with visual stories. Your audience can quickly understand your product or service and even feel inspired to take action.


Where exactly should we place these brand photos?

Now that we know what brand photos are and when the right time to invest in them, here are a few ideas on where you can use your brand photos :

  1. Website - Home Page, About Me, Work with Me, Contact Me

  2. Blogs

  3. Sales Pages

  4. Digital Products

  5. Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

  6. Newsletters

  7. Presentations

  8. Press Kits

….and more. The opportunities to share your brand photos are really endless.


In our crowded, noisy worlds, a visual strategy can be the key to standing out. Brand photography is a powerful tool to communicate your experience without the pushy sales pitch. It can build a strong connection to your audience leading to client relationships. It can create a memorable brand that not only solves your clients problems but inspires them. Invest in brand photography and watch how you create an engaging brand that moves from invisible to impact.

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Mallika Malhotra of Mikifoto + Co is a professional photographer and brand mentor who works with women entrepreneurs and small business owners. She is on a mission to inspire thousands of women to own their brand and share their message with confidence. She combines her strategic business sense, her creativity and photography skills to help women in business stand out and emerge as leaders in their industry. She is currently writing a Brand Photography Playbook, an insider guide to planning a successful brand photo shoot, to help her fellow women entrepreneurs feel confident and prepared to share their visual story (click HERE to be alerted on it’s release).

Based in northern NJ, Mallika also teaches live workshops on branding, vision boarding and photo styling. She is known for being a connector and creating supportive communities of passionate and purpose driven women.

When she is not taking photos or building brands, she is at home with her three sons and husband, drinking coffee or red wine and dreaming about their next global adventure.

Visit her website,, find her on Instagram at or check out her Facebook page at Contact Mallika at or 352.682.2533 for more information.