What Is Your Legacy and Why It Matters

This past week has been rough y'all, like real rough. My paternal grandma passed away at 85 years old and while she had been sick over the years, her decline in health was rapid and shocked us all when we heard how bad it actually was.

I spent the week traveling to NC to be with family and share in the memories of her life and how she impacted us. One thing has stood out to me that I wanted to dive into today and that is about your legacy. 


When thinking about how we want to be remembered can be a bit morbid, it can actually help us shape the business/career/life that we want to live. My grandma from a very early age knew that being a mother was the most important thing to her, she wanted to be there for her kids, granted I do not think she ever imagined having 10, and be able to give them each the attention the needed at the points they were at in her life. To say she mastered this would be an understatement, the stories I hear and just being able to see her in the last 30 years, really shows that she went above and beyond as a mother because that is what her focus was.

Before she passed, she told my Aunt that her role in life was to be a mother and that her legacy was her family. How powerful is that statement right there. She always knew that her legacy was going to be the family she left behind and she fought tooth and nail to make sure we are a representation of what that meant to her; being close, supportive, and always there for each other. 

I know as we live on and she lives in peace now, that we are going to do our very best as a family to make sure her legacy lives on and show others that the Forte family are still strong (its my maiden name). 

So today, I want to share with you a few things I have learned over the last week about leaving your legacy on the world to hopefully spark something in you to really dig deep and see what that could be:

1. What is your number 1 passion in life? While my grandma knew that her passion was to be the best mother to all 10 children, we can sometimes mask our passion for a desire for other things... more money, more stability, easier life. These things while all great can make our passions seem less significant but I am here to tell you they are not. Being a mother did not mean that my grandmother was going to be wealthy, rich or well over, however she knew that it is where her passion lived and in knowing so she was wealthy beyond her wildest dreams with love, respect and a room full of people who cared for her unconditionally. So today, leave the guilt of wanting more things out of life that you truly do not want and answer this, if there was nothing left in the world to worry about, what would that passion be, where would your heart lead you and where can that passion take you?

For me, my passion truly is coaching others, even if I did not make a dime in my business going forward, I would be happy doing this until the day I no longer am here. Guiding others, seeing their progress and watching them transform their business and life is something that will never not bring me joy! :)

2. It can be messy and thats ok: Being a mother of 10, you can only imagine the stories she was able to tell of what they got in to. She never shied away either of the mess/troubles that also came with being a mother, but she knew at the end of the day, even with the troubles, her legacy of her family out-weighed trying to be perfect or take the easy way out. Her 10 children can attest to this day that they all got the attention they needed and because of that they are much better people know than they were before. When we are creating our legacies, once are passions are defined, we need to hold fast that it will never be perfect and there will be hard time and hard ships, however, while those things can test us, we can know that our legacies will live on as long as we keep pursuing them. 

While it can be hard, I want you to list of all of the reasons why you do what you do, this will help you be able to reflect when the mess hits, so you do not feel as if you can not keep going forward, because I am here to tell you, you can! 

The last thing I would recommend you do, in order to really drill down what you want your legacy to be, is to answer these 3 questions....

  • If you were 90 years old and could look back on the life you had, what is the one thing you want to be remembered for?
  • How can you start doing this today?
  • At the end of the day, if you were only to accomplish one thing towards your leaving your mark, what would that be?

These questions are really powerful, especially once you allow yourself to go deep and figure out what it all means to you! 

My grandma really made the people around her better, kinder and more humble people and for me, it shows that she never waived in what her goal was, to create that kind of family to leave this world behind with, 

For me, here is what I hope my legacy will bring and here is how I am going to start creating that impact today: 

My passion is helping others figure out how to be the most confident person they can be in business and in life and my legacy will be that others were honestly able to see their full potential and that they always had a support system in me. 

If I could look at my 90 year old self and I was still doing that and could look back at what I created, that would be it. It is nothing ostentatious, it is simply what is in my heart and I hope that I have the same courage, conviction and comedic timing that my grandmother brought into and left this live with! 

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