How to Cultivate Faith-based Business Relationships.

A few weeks ago while waiting for church service to begin I was going through the pamphlet about what the service was going to be about and something struck out to me, it was a term called faith-based friendships. As the service went on and our Pastor got deeper into his homily about what that truly means it got my mind thinking that if there's faith-based friendships then how is that translated into faith-based business relationships.


When discussing what this could potentially be I realized that in faith-based business relationships they’re built the same way that faith-based friendships are; through selflessness and forgiveness. When we're building the different types of partnerships in business we can default to thinking “what’s in it for me” “what can I receive” and being turned off when certain things maybe don't go our way. 

If you look at it more in a faith-based way really where looking at what we can give selflessly to others and be forgiving if things that either don't go your way or when things change on a dime.

Friendships in its truest form is when we give ourselves over selflessly and do things out of the kindness of our hearts because those are the types of things a friend embodies. They are there for you without the thought of “you owe me” or “ok well how does this benefit me”. Friends help each other out and forgive when things go wrong because it’s in our nature. There are rough patches in friendship but it’s a test of how deep the friendship goes when you can move past those issues and forgive wholeheartedly.  We are wired to look for community and having friends who have the same values and mindset as you makes it effortless to help them in times of need.

So when were looking at this as a business relationship we could just look at it as a friendship; what can we give that will benefit the other person without thinking of getting anything in return. We need to stop keeping those checklist of what I gave this person and the mindset of I deserve something in return, because in all honesty when we look at it through a faith-based lens we don't deserve anything. We do not know what our future holds so if were just giving because our hearts are truly in it then will get more out of it than any type of profit can give us.

So how do we figure out if we're cultivating business relationships out of faith?

Values - Thinking about the values that we currently have and if they are aligning with the people that were trying to make relationships with.  When our values are tested it can lead to us not performing out best because there is no buy-in, so figuring those out and seeking out partnerships or collaborations that mesh well will have a bigger impact!

Intuition – We were born with this, it’s the knowing without knowing and we can use this when creating these types of relationships. When something in your gut does not feel right, or your thinking of maybe this isn’t the best, it is ok to take a step back and sit in that thought. Think about if these relationships are truly acting out of forgiveness and selflessness or if it comes from something else

Being Honest with Yourself- Honesty, we do not have a hard time telling this to others, but when we turn the mirror on us, it is often met with resistance. Being honest with yourself takes practice, but it will lead you to seeing who you truly are and how your best self will be of value to those business relationships. It also will show you when those relationships are taking a toll on your mindset and allow you to break them off.

It is a OK to say no, especially when relationships turn into more of a chore than being effortless, or when you find yourself feeling resentful to the other person and not willing to forgive them anymore.

Forgiveness can be hard especially when things are not going the way we thought. However when we remember that these business collaborations and partnerships are built on the value we bring, it is easier to see that the other person is not wrong, it just is. Instead of getting mad or frustrated or even severing ties right away, especially if that business relationship is truly based on faith, forgive that person or forgive the situation.

Now that's easier said than done but think about it, if something were to go wrong would it serve you to get mad, frustrate, stomp around and kind of have a hissy fit or would it be easier to look at it as “well we cannot help it, things go wrong all the time, what can we learn from this” because lets get real, whatever has happened there was a reason behind it and it possibly could be a God wink at what path he has planned out for you!

Forgiveness also opens up the heart to seeing the good that has already come from that business relationship and what could come down the road. That person will also remember the kindness you showed them and it could foster more partnerships in the future.

When we started our businesses, its because we wanted to give, whether it's a service or product, so if we create business relationships around giving and forgiveness we're setting ourselves up for success in ways that probably we never thought of before.

How are you cultivating those business relationships? What are your plans for approaching collaboration and partnership ideas?

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