Want to feel like a million bucks when it comes to the strategies you want to implement in your business?

Actually need some guidance on what that strategy should be for you?

Ever feel like you need a place to just need to dump it all out in order to move forward with your goals? 

Then the Clarity & Strategy Sessions are for you! You are made to do great things, and sometimes you just need a quick session to lay it all out on the table to get to the results you want on a particular goal.

These 90 minutes single sessions are a mix of a little bit of coaching and a little bit of consulting to help you have a clear plan and the perfect action packed strategy for you! Whatever your goal is in your business, these 90 minute sessions help you break down those barriers and get you to start taking action.

These are only 10 offered a month, so snag yours now... did I mention they are only $175.00 dolla bills?! Easily sign up below in the time slot you want on the Friday you're free and you are good to go! 

After each of these types of sessions with me, you will leave feeling focused, refreshed and that you got the value you have been craving in a coach. I’ll coach you through your roadblocks, help you troubleshoot, encourage & empower you, hold you accountable, and help guide you.

Your confidence level will be high and you will know what you need to do, to get you where you want to be in your small business. We will figure out what your first/next steps are and create a solid action plan so that you stop feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list and start taking action that will fit into your lifestyle, it's what your Honestly Able to do! 

Here is what you get for you're $175 dolla dolla bills... which let's be honest you get a whole ton of impact and action planning for your business for the cost of your daily Gilmore Girl sized latte, if you were to give it up for 20 days...

  • A Quick Start Form:
    • Before we work together, you will receive a quick start Coaching Prep Form that will give me a heads up about what’s happening in your life and business right now. I’ll get to know your work, your business, and your goals before we jump on a call. This helps so that we can maximize the time we have and get right down to business... helping you figure out how to achieve your version of success.
  • Focused Findings.
    • During our 90 minute call we’ll identify where and why you feel stuck about your goal that has not become a reality, yet. We’ll develop a plan to achieve your goals that fits into your life – remember Honestly Able is what I am all about. You’ll feel relief in knowing you’ve got a solid goal of where to start.
  • Honest Action Steps:
    • Results require actions, but don’t worry, you’ll leave the session knowing exactly what you're able to do. You’ll be 100% clear on how to move forward and we’ll set up accountability dates so you have deadlines (and me) to keep you focused and on your way to achieving your own version of success. 
  • A 15 minute Follow Up.
    • After 2 weeks we will have a follow up call! We’ll schedule a 15 minute call to go over how your honest action steps went and what shifts you’ve seen in your life/business to make sure you’re feeling optimistic about the direction you’re headed. During the follow up we can go over any obstacles you faced as you implemented the action plan we put together, and then rework the plan if needed.

If this sounds like exactly what you need, and you missed the scheduling link above, click below and schedule your very own 90 minute Clarity & Strategy session, now!