What if...

 In 4 hours you had a business plan that you were confident about?

You started taking action with ease and had fun while doing it?

You had me for a whole day to help you get there?

If you're saying "YES, YES, YES", then my Honestly Brighter Half Day Intensive is just right for you! These intensives are all about getting to know you from your core. We get down to that place, the one where you feel the most vulnerable in business, where you feel stuck and then we build from there.  

Hearing your story, your why, your passion and path truly lights me up! Once we figure out the roadblocks and where you want to go, we start to put together a specific tailored action plan to guide you to more and more growth, confidence and action in your business.

After having an intensive with me, this is what some of my clients have said:

Both myself and my business were in a bad state when Nicole came into my life and it was incredible! I spent a solid 4 hours on an intensive business strategy session with Nicole and she helped me bring perspective to my business and personal life. She helped me identify my "blocks" and guided me how to face and overcome these in order to take my business to the next level. Prior to meeting Nicole, my business had no foundation, but now I am happy to say that I fully understand the core values of what my business stands for. It is still early days, however, I feel more confident to face the business world, thanks to Nicole. I loved her warm, yet firm approach and the experience was mind blowing. I look forward to touching base with Nicole on a regular basis! Thank you, Nicole!

 - Leigh Reabow >> leighreabow.co.za

The call with Nicole was so easy and relaxed - she reminded me that so many things including my values, passion and hard work were moving in the right direction and she helped me explore new ways to push my dreams forward. I feel like I have such a clear path of ways to address stress and my business goals to make my dreams a reality! 

Nicole is caring and honest and I love that she encourages you to find your path and goals - instead of telling you exactly what to do. She really listens and you know that she wants what is best for you! I am already looking forward to a follow up chat to hold myself accountable for the goals we developed on our call! Thank you, Nicole!
— Kristina Dowler >> Owner Kristina Dowler Photography

By the end you will have a plan that:

  • shows you how to get from where you are to where you want to be,
  • a solid list of goals you want to achieve and a break-down of what you need to do to get there based on everything going on in your life + business,
  • a business statement that is aligned with where you are at right now,
  • a clearer vision on where the business is going in the next year, 3 and 5 years,
  • you're confident and "bought-in too" to implement,
  • showcases your skills and a list of things you would like to get off you plate, when the time is right for you!

So, what's stopping you? If you want to get confident in your business and start making better decisions, quicker, schedule your call below and let's get you taking crazy amounts of action! 

The 4 hours intensives are available in person, or via phone or zoom (in-person intensives also have an added travel cost too).  During these 4 hours even though we are digging deep, we also have fun and if possible, I treat you to try some of my favorite things like coffee, snacks and lots of laughs!

Clients who had an Honestly Brighter Intensive with me have:

Figured out why a launch of a service was not working for them

Stopped the comparison game and found how to show their strengths/differentness in their business

Figured out the direction they needed to go in, in order to accomplish the goal they set out to reach in their business.

Here's what you get:


  • 4 hours of dedicated, undivided time to figure out what is blocking you from moving forward and a solid plan to take action.


  • 2 weeks after our intensive, we hop on a quick 30 minute call to see how everything is going and work through anything you feel is not going in the direction you want.

VIP Email Access to me:

  • For 1 month after our intensive you get access to me via email, voxer or text (whichever you prefer) in order to make sure you are supported in implementing the plan created! 

So why work with me for 4 hours? Well I am a certified Confidence Coach for entrepreneurs and executives, and I have over 10 years of corporate marketing experience in my wheel house to help you get unstuck and moving in the direction you want for your business. So how does this all happen? Well through a lot of questioning, looking back at what has worked, what hasn't and why, creating lists of all sorts of things to help you see everything you need to do, and so much more! There is no "secret sauce" method that I use, everyone gets custom coaching because you all are truly individual and awesome!

So what are you waiting for?

Schedule your intensive below:

You can pay 50% now and pay the rest later to make it easier for you to book a session! If you want a session but are not finding a time that works, email me hi@honestlyable.com and to make sure we get you on the books! 

Scheduler giving you trouble or not finding a day that works for you?

Email me hi@honestlyable.com and I will make sure we get your intensive on the books!