Applause from Others:

Holly Meyer >> Holly Meyer Design's

"Before working with Nicole, I was feeling majorly stuck and unable to make any progress in my business. After a quick chat with Nicole she helped me uncover some serious mental blocks and I immediately knew I needed to work with her some more! I appreciated Nicole's gentle approach. She truly cared about what worked best for me. After our sessions together, I have felt much more confident and able to push forward with scary business goals."

"When I found out that I won the coffee talk session from Nicole's giveaway, I was thrilled! I'd never done any kind of coaching before so I was a little nervous but as soon as I picked up the phone, Nicole's voice was calming and felt like I was talking to a long time friend! The call with Nicole was so easy and relaxed - she reminded me that so many things including my values, passion and hard work were moving in the right direction and she helped me explore new ways to push my dreams forward. We only chatted for 45 minutes but I feel like I have such a clear path of ways to address stress and my business goals to make my dreams a reality! Even with only a short amount of time to chat (Which is awesome for business owners who have so much on their plates!) we were able to accomplish so many important discussions in that time without feeling rushed. Nicole is caring and honest and I love that she encourages you to find your path and goals - instead of telling you exactly what to do. She really listens and you know that she wants what is best for you! I am already looking forward to a follow up chat to hold myself accountable for the goals we developed on our call. What a great way to use 45 minutes to better your business and your life! Thank you, Nicole!"

I’ve just found what was missing to succeed in my business! And this is HUGE! I had one business coaching session with Nicole Hoglund of Honestly Able, Small Biz + Confidence Coaching & it was incredible! Together we figured out what has been blocking me from success for two years of toiling day after day, knowing something was wrong, but not sure why I couldn’t get any traction in my business. Her methods are different than what I would expect of a business coach. It’s not just strategy. In just the one session, I got some perspective wow ah-ha’s and grounded practical action oriented direction. For the first time, someone walked with me through the chaos in my head to create a solid foundation for my business to stand on. I’m no longer second guessing myself and feel the energy, clarity and focus that I always had in my career as a TV producer, but never felt as an online entrepreneur. I’ve let out a huge sigh of relief because without those mental/emotional blocks I can finally listen to my inner knowing to do what it is that I am meant to do in this world. Thank you; I am so grateful Nicole Hoglund!!!