Business Resources:

Trello: This product is seriously one of the hidden gems of productivity! It has allowed me to keep track of things without the need for horrible excel spreadsheets and the easy drag and drop feature makes it easy to move tasks from one list to another! I highly recommend getting an account if you do not already have one. Best part... IT'S FREE!

Momentum App:  This app is a little bit of sunshine delivered to your tabs on the chrome browser! It not only offers pretty pictures and uplifting quotes, but it also has a built in to-do list! Who doesn't love mobile productivity to keep us all moving forward! This is free too, however you do need Chrome as it is their extension! 

Google DocsI don't know about you, but since I work from home, I think it is a pain sometimes to move documents from one computer to another. Emailing yourself a document, only to have to then download it again and repeat the process can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. This is were Google Docs comes in, it's a cloud based system, so no more downloading to make changes to something. I still love Microsoft and use it when I need to, but this option lets me create things on the fly and not have to worry if the changes are on one computer or another! Only downfall here is you need a google account to use it, otherwise it is free and awesome! 

Canva: This one I think might be my favorite. I love photoshop and all it has to offer, especially because I only do design work as a hobby, but Canva is the poor man's photoshop. Plus it is cloud-based which I can not tell you how much I love tools that are! You can easily create graphics for anything your business needs and they give you pretty FREE templates to choose from. One of the better things about Canva is you can choose the type of graphic you want to create, no more looking up dimensions on how big that Facebook group cover photo needs to be! Like all the other's it is also FREE! Have fun creating pretty things with Canva, it's great!

Acuity Scheduling App: This app has helped save me so much time from having to schedule my appointments myself. You simple give your client the link and the can choose a time that is best for them at their convenience. You can also create intake forms, secure payment and create the schedule you want all in one app! They have a FREE version, but their paid versions are not to bad on the budget either!